Volume Two  of the finale trilogy.


Every Age Ends. Every cycle within an Age runs its course. Old gives way to New. But getting past the End is not for the weak.


American cities are locked down. Lieutenant Jack MacKenzie struggles to come to grips with a new reality. The 120th makes all the right moves to secure and defend the Grand Valley. Brad Guilfoyle and Jackie Durand try to make sense of computer code run wild. The nations of Eurasia and the Middle East are being seduced to strike the nation of Israel. 


Occult rituals being waged in secret. The designs of a mad priest come to fruition. Elias Crawford Stewart has become a mighty man in the earth. The world's economy has torn itself to shreds. Temples of the Universal Consciousness are portals into another dimension even as the Large Hadron Collider is hijacked to wage dimensional war against intrusions into this sphere of reality. 


Propject Blue Beam is real, but it's a feint within a feint within a feint. 


Fallen angels gather at dimensional transit points only to be rebuffed, while the real terror for Mankind is being birthed from an entirely different direction.


Up is down.

White is black.

Right is wrong. 

Everything has gone inside out and backwards.


What do you do when it all starts to unravel?


MESA continues the intensity of CITY. The End of an Age is in sight and no one knows how to face it. 



















                           Cover Illustration - Dave Wadsworth