Volume  one of the finale trilogy.


Every Age Ends. Every cycle within an Age runs its course. Old gives way to New. But getting past the End is not for the weak. 


Everyone believes there are secrets they'd like to know. Ought to know. They're about to find out if that's true. As the world's networks suffer a corruption no one has seen before or can stop, the secrets of the world begin to disgorge from databases. All over the globe. Everything. Everywhere. For anyone to read. 


Corruptors begin to eliminate their corrupted. Covering their tracks. Which has the effect of dominoes falling. Things begin to get seriously out of hand. Wars. Rumors of war. Nations rise against nations. Generations of carefully scripted Plans brought to naught in a flash. Once the treasure troves of secrets are revealed the Game is over and the facts brought to light ignite Man's worst. 


But within this global meltdown another Game has begun. Man has been played. A Plan of ultimate evil is unfolding as fallen angels of Biblical legend prepare the Earth for their arrival. And Hell's coming with them. A remaking of the world humans simply cannot allow themselves to imagine except through Hollywood movies. 


The clues are there for those who are not blinded by nachash. The Work has been long in motion. The facts behind what drives the world come into view. Who controls what, the Hidden Hand begins to reveal itself. 


CITY is Volume One in the Finale Trilogy. Because the End Begins In The Cities.


Lieutenant Jack MacKenzie is head of Denver's Major Crimes Unit. In short order his world is overwhelmed with crimes that are slightly beyond what he's used to. Crimes that connect to a greater evil unfolding. As the world starts to burn The Major Crimes Unit has more than it can handle; old villains rise again, new insights raise terrible questions. What was a world they undertsood starts coming apart, like an avalanche they're caught up in. 


The first novels of Jesse Hand Conroy and Don Diego Baptist Diaz, CITY is part Religious Thriller, part Political Thriller, part Science Fiction Thriler. And all Conspiracy Thiller, because it's not a conspiracy if it's true. 

Cover Illustration - Yong Zhi Chu, Malaysia