volume three the Finale trilogy


Every Age Ends. Every cycle within an Age runs its course. Old gives way to New. But getting past the End is not for the weak.


Navajo and Hopi elders have prophesied. Jackson Longfellow will lead a remnant out of the Valley of Death to a last redoubt. Daniel Tsosie wonders at this obviously insane idea but follows his orders.


Longfellow will save them. By saving himself. A man who turned his back on society having lost all he cared for in war, disappeared into the Great Basin deserts as the Desert Fathers in Egypt did long ago. Longfellow experiences as deep a crisis of faith as Man can experience in the struggle to survive, and his crisis opens the way. 


Across the seas Israel has no one left to stand wth her. America, her last friend is broken, cut off. Alone, surrounded, Israel survives only by the Will of God. When the Determinate strides into the rebuilt Temple the children of Israel who can, flee across the great Rift Valley pursued by hell itself. They make their final stand at Petra.


Above the Grand Canyon Philo Flagg - Jackson Longfellow - leads his remnant to the edge of that great rift in America's Southwest. Ghastly apparitions, genetically mutated humans, things out of nightmares pursue them, killing everything in their path. At Canyon's edge Longfellow manages to get most of his remnant into the great complex below the Rim where ... they make their last stand. 


Only a miracle can save them. 


Only a miracle can save the children of Israel. 


Only the greatest Miracle since Golgotha. 


It's time.























                                                                    Cover Illustration Bastiaan van Deidenhoven